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What to expect

For your first appointment, you will have a brief consultation with Dr. Renfroe and should allow about 30 minutes for both the consult as well as the treatment.

During this consult, she may ask you to stand and walk across the room to visually evaluate your posture and pick up on any disturbances that may affect how you hold yourself and/or carry yourself while walking. Some kinesiology testing may be applied as well, to further evaluate the root of the issue(s) at hand.

For the treatment itself, you will be clothed and lie on top of a massage table or similar surface, face up. The therapist will provide a hands-on evaluation, quietly assessing the body’s energy flow and sensing any areas of blockage within the system.

Once the treatment is concluded, approximately ten minutes after it has started, she will ask you to stand and possibly walk across the room while she studies your posture and gait once again, looking for improvements from prior to the treatment.

After a cranial release technique session and how often to have one

After your CRT treatment, you may be asked to return for several, frequent visits to fully address any issues that are causing pain or concern.

After your nervous system has been released and is functioning consistently from a more relaxed, less stressed state, you will be advised to maintain your new found state of emotional, physical and mental balance with monthly appointments.

In addition, try to reduce unnecessary stress in your life, implement a proper diet and practice meditation to ensure a calmer, more relaxed state of mind and approach to problem solving that ensures longevity and a healthy outlook. These elements alone can do wonders in assisting the body with any healing process and to maintain its desired state of homeostasis.