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Does acupuncture hurt?

No, acupuncture should not hurt. Sometimes there is a moment when the needle enters the skin where the patient may feel a small momentary pinching sensation, eventually creating a dull pressure or tingling around the area during the treatment. This is natural and the vast majority people really learn to love the needles! Most people are amazed by how relaxed they feel during and after the treatment. This can only occur if the treatment is comfortable and gentle.

Is acupuncture safe?

As long as a competent practitioner performs acupuncture it is extremely safe. Acupuncturists are required to use (one-time use) disposable needles.

Can I have too much acupuncture?

In China, acupuncture is often given to patients every day.  Acupuncture treatments 1-2x/week is ideal during the initial “crisis” stage of an injury or condition.  Maintenance treatments may be 1-2x/month or once every three months.  Many patients find that regular, ongoing treatments helpful for maintaining good health.


Some insurance companies do cover acupuncture and the list is growing as acupuncture continues to rise in popularity. Soaring Crane Acupuncture, will gladly give you a Superbill to turn into your insurance company for reimbursement.

What forms of payment are accepted?

Cash, check or credit/debit cards

How many treatments will I need?

This is unique to the individual. For most chronic conditions, 5-7 treatments on a weekly basis tend to offer the best outcome with some treatment regimens lasting as along as ten treatments. Some people notice an immediate improvement in their health while for others acupuncture tends to have a cumulative effect over several visits. We guarantee that you will feel different walking out of our office than you do walking in.

Does the clinic offer Chinese herbs? If so, what kind?

Yes, we offer Chinese Herbal Medicine though a local company named Crane Herbs. Because Crane’s pharmacy maintains a high volume of filled prescriptions the quality of the herbs is fresh and superior to many alternate pharmacies in the Boston area.

How much time can I expect to spend in a treatment?

For the first treatment, perhaps 75-90 minutes; and following visits 45-60 minutes. Many patients find the treatments so relaxing that they don’t notice the passage of time.

How long is a course of acupuncture?

It varies according to your condition, but a minimum of three sessions of acupuncture is often advised. This can be three times a week, once a week for three weeks or even every second week for six weeks.Please be aware that it may take about six weeks of weekly treatment for a condition to be noticeably relieved, and if the condition is severe, up to 10 sessions may be required. Most people find that regular treatments (for example one a month) are helpful to maintain good health and prevent the health problem from reoccurring.

How do I know who is a reputable qualified acupuncturist?

The licensure requirements in Florida are similar to most other states — which is a specialized training program of more than 2500 didactic and clinical hours (in the US, this is usually a graduate degree), and successful completion of the board exams created by the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM). Many states (including Florida) require continuing education credits to maintain active licensure. Here in Florida, you can verify the license status of health profressionals through the state Board of Health.Other agencies that have records of qualified, licensed acupuncture practitioners include the NCCAOM and professional organizations, such as the Florida State Oriental Medicine Association (FSOMA) and the American Association of Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine (AAAOM).